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This page is specially hosted as a support page for our Independent Executives promoting Amwell.Biz Products and opportunity.

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1. What is the difference between an AMwell Customer and AMwell IE?

AMwell customers are people who have bought products from AMwell and have registered with AMwell to remain as customers to enjoy promotions and offers. Any people who purchase a product(s) online or offline is a customer and Customers ARE NOT entitled to earn any commissions.

AMwell Independent Executives (IEs) are those people who have REGISTERED themselves to become an IE in order to promote and earn commissions from the AMwell’s Compensation Plan. Or in other words;

A person who has purchased any one (1) of the enrollment packages (minimum USD 200), and signed up for the system (www.AMwell.biz) with a user name and has accepted the online agreement of IE.

2. What is a Sponsor or Referrer?

A Sponsor or a Referrer is an Independent Executive (IE) who is registered and authorized to Sponsor new IE or promotes the products to Customers in order to enjoy commissions from the sales.

3. Can my Customer Status be upgraded to AMwell Independent Executive (IE)?

YES – Only if you as the Sponsor of that (Customer) request the AMwell Support to upgrade his/her Status to IE. Your customer(s)/referral must have purchased an accumulate products valued at USD 200.

4. What are the privileges of being an AMwell Independent Executive?

AMwell Independent Executive can BUY products at wholesale price (Member’s price) which is 15 % lesser than Retail Price. IE can also earn commissions for sales happened under their self-replicated website or within their organization under their line of sponsorship

5. How many Accounts can a person have in AMwell?

Only one (1) User Account per person or company is allowed in AMwell.biz as Independent Executive. AMwell has the right to “cancel” or suspend any multiple IE User accounts found to be owned by the same person.

6. Who and what are upline and Line of Sponsorship?

Upline is those persons or a line of people who have sponsored your Sponsor and they are above the genealogy of your Sponsor.

A line of Sponsorship: Once you register yourself with AMwell.biz as an IE and start promoting business by Sponsoring/Referring People as Customers/IE, then all those people who are under your genealogy are called your Line of Sponsorship.

7. What is the difference between UserName and Website Name?

UserName is a unique name with a password created by you at the time of IE Sign up to access your administrative account with AMwell.biz UserNames are unique codes to indentify a person in the AMwell system and UserName cannot be changed.

Website Name: is a unique name set by you or given to your self-replicated website (user name), in order to reward you for sales captured on this website. Assuming you set website name as Skyenergy, then your self-replicated website would be: Skyenergy.amwell.biz

Website name can be same as your UserName and can also be changed from your BackOffice.

8. What is self-replicated website? How does that help me?

A Self-replicated website is a duplication of AMwell.Biz website uniquely for you. Example: The main company’s website is: www.amwell.biz, and your self-replicated site is: www.your UserName.amwell.biz. This self-replicated website allows all sales are tracked and captured to reward you as per the compensation plan.

9. What is BackOffice and where to access it as an Independent Executive?

BackOffice is an admin portal unique to you, where you can view, track and manage your AMwell.Biz business. It contains your personal profile, order history, marketing tools, commission reports and much more.

To access your BackOffice visit: http://www.amwell.biz/backoffice.php


10. What are the authorized and effective channels of communication as an IE?

The most common and effective way is:-

  1. Send a support ticket via your BackOffice. It will allow you to have a tract record all issues and responses.
  2. Send email to the official support email address : Support@amwell.biz
  3. Tweet us at: twitter.com/amwellbiz
  4. Call us at our helpdesk no: + 65 63975652 for Singapore
  5. Call us at our helpdesk no: +19493815599 for North America
  6. Call us at our helpdesk no: + 6592967855 (Whatsapp / Viber /IMO)
  7. Call us at our helpdesk no: + 61731063385 for Australia
  8. Skype us @ amega.cs4 –North America and amwell.wecare – International


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How to share and signup prospect?

How to login to your BackOffice (Account)?

FAQ – About Commissions

  1. How is the sale commission calculated?

All sales once updated to “processed’ by the Admin personal will fall for commission calculation on midnight every day by the system for Retail Profit, Team Generation, and Mega Matching.

The system takes into account the BV allocated for each individual product ( BV varies from 60 % to 75%) and calculates the % of commission payout to Sponsor and Line of Sponsors.

The potential commissions are then reflected in the Backoffice of each earners’ as “pending commissions”

  1. When is sale commission posted?

All sales order processed from 1st of the month to 15th of the month is verified and posted to commission account on 1st of the following month.

Example: Sale order from 1st June to 15th June – Posted on 1st July

All sales order processed from 16th of the month to 31st of the month is posted to commission account on 16th of the following month.

Example: Sale order from 16th June to 31st June – Posted on 16th July

There is a 2 weeks “cooling off” period for returns, exchange, and cancellations.

Once commissions are posted into your account it is now in Available Commissions

  1. How can I withdraw my commissions

Due to manual administrative and accounting process, the minimum commission release amount is: USD 50.00 and maximum Amount is: USD 10,000 per release.

In order to en-cash the commissions, IE MUST have registered for their I-payout Account thru the link available in their Backoffice under Wallet (refer to i-payout registration for more info). Once their application is successful, they can initiate commission release.

To request commission payout: Log to your backoffice >> Click on Wallet follow by>> Request payout, and follow the procedure.

  1. How long does it take before I receive the cash in my account?

Amwell accounts personal check for commission release request every Friday, and will initiate process, approval and transfer to I-payout.

The following Monday the payouts are processed in I-payout admin portal and funds are released to respective IE Account. From there on it may take between 2-4 working days.

Hence All commission release request is processed on EVERY FRIDAY and credited to respective IE account before the Friday of the following week.

  1. What other ways do I have to withdraw commissions besides I-Payout?

We only have I-Payout commission payout system, however, we can organize direct bank transfer for some very special cases where the IE could not get his I-Payout account validated or activated.

Please contact Amwell Support if need assistance for such cases

  1. Can I combine the commission earned in 2 or more IE accounts into 1 account to cash out?

No, In accordance with our policy and procedure each member above the age of 18 can only maintain 1 account in Amwell. so commissions earned in each individual account can ONLY be withdrawn to that registered owner.

  1. Can we “contra” the commissions for product purchase?

Yes- you can “contra” in another word offset your commissions against product purchase. This option is available when you purchase products from your backoffice.

Please contact Amwell Support if need assistance for such cases.

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