Introducing AMflask!!!


Introducing The AFT AMFlask!

Revitalize and Energize yourself all day with AMFlask. Now you can TRANSFORM regular drinking tap water or bottled water which is commonly safe to drink into a healthy, Alkalized, Anti-oxidant, Mineralized, and Energized water with AFT Resonance Technology.  AMflask comes with disposable Dietary Mineral Bags.


The AMflask’s Stainless Steel Strainer and Dietary Mineral Balls are ENERGIZED over 21 days in a vacuum chamber with our proprietary technology: AMized Fusion Technology. The AFT Energized products resonate at Zero Point Field, helps to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate our biofield, thus support our energy balancing and healing.

Now we can have Alkaline water on the Go! 

Just pour, shake, and leave it for 5 minutes, then drink! 

Get Energized! Stay Energized with AFT AMFlask.

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Introducing: AMgenex Immu5D

AMwell is pleased to announce an addition to our AMgenex range of nutritional supplements: Immu5D – High Energy & Immune Booster. AMgenex Immu5D is made from a blend of organic Ashwagandha and Black Pepper. The combination of these two ingredients brings about a breakthrough in immune defense. Our immunity is the …

Introducing: Wholesale Discounts

Dear Independent distributors, stockiest (IE), As a member, you get a 15% discount (20% discount for Star Executives) for your purchases, what if we give you a further 10% to 15% discount for your wholesale purchases so that you can retail to your customers for a higher retail margin of about …

Happy New Year 2019

The Staff and Management of Amwell Technologies Group and our Principle Amega Global wishing all our customers, distributors, wholesale agents, and stockists a Very Happy and Prosperous Year 2019. We thank you for your support! Looking forward to growing this bond over the years! AMwell Technologies